Natural(ish) Makeup

Last week I posted a pic of myself on Instastories with a bolder brow and you guys all loved it! It was honestly by accident that I went a little darker, I ran out of my usual eyebrow pencil and had to use a cheap, unsharpened backup one that I keep in my bathroom drawer for “emergencies.”

I guess it all worked out because you guys were all loving the new look, which inspired me to go to the Benefit Brow Bar at Sephora and get professional advice on which brow product I should be using. I was using the “Precisely, My Brow” but was told by my eyebrow lady (I know there is a professional term for this, but this is what I call her LOL) that “Goof Proof” would work better for me because it has a thicker bottom and tapered tip so you use less product.

So here are all the products I used to achieve this “natural” look:

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