Dear Baby G

Dear Baby Girl,

When we first found out you were coming, we were so shocked and surprised! We didn’t expect to plan for you until at least a year later, but everything in life happens for a reason and we were totally cool with you crashing our wedding. Fast forward to almost 2 weeks until your due date and I can’t believe how quickly the time has gone by. You’ve grown so much, and although I miss my jeans and wine, I love how cute my bump has made me look.

I went into full-blown pregnancy mode the first week I found out I was carrying you, and have been making sure I give you all the best foods (including all the donuts you love) and nutrients so you come out healthy, loving avocados and hopefully have a better palate than dad does – I can only pray! You have given me a pretty easy pregnancy and I have loved spending time with you at work everyday, I know you enjoyed napping while I ran around carrying all those dresses!

Your whole family has been so excited to meet you, hold you, and give you all the love you deserve. I get asked everyday how I’m doing, and although your Zia Christine is stressed for me knowing I can give birth any day now, she is definitely the most excited for your arrival!

Your dad and I have made sure we have all the best things ready for you (you can also thank your grandparents and family for helping out with this), a dream summer wardrobe, and a chic nursery that dad and Nonna just finished putting all the furniture together for.

Everything is perfect and ready for your arrival, except for what’s going on in the world right now.

I want you to know that although you are making your grand appearance during a very scary time, we’re here to protect you and still make sure you have the special birth every baby should get experience. It’s been really hard for your dad and I knowing we have done so much within our control to make sure you have the best of everything, yet nothing will be “normal” when we finally get to meet you. We even made the tough decision to switch hospitals so that daddy can be by our side during your birth, along with an amazing midwife that has put a lot of our worries at ease, something we are so happy and grateful for. A lot of your family won’t get to cuddle you until things get better because your immunity is so low, but just know that you are already so loved and are very lucky to have so many people that are going to fight over who gets to hold you first as soon as they can.

As your due date grows near, and all the heart burn, swollen feet and insomnia you’ve been causing me is getting old, know that I am going to miss your kicks and squirms – hence your latest nickname “Squirmy”, and I will especially miss all the times you press your little butt up against dad’s face when he talks to my belly. When I picture your face, you look just like daddy – lashes, big cheeks, lots of dark hair and all.  Dad and I both think you’re going to be sassier than I am, something I don’t think is possible but at least he’s prepared to deal with it! Your dad is ready to teach you everything, and I know you will be super smart just like he is.

We can’t wait for you to finally be in our arms, and for you to meet your big brother Bentley. We love you so much already!


Mommy and Daddy

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