Elle Wore It

It’s Libra Season!

Last week, I celebrated my 28th birthday and had an amazing time being spoiled by my favourite people! I always get a little antsy when I think about getting older each year, but if you’re living your best life then age really is just a number.

Part of my birthday celebrations included an amazing night with my girls at Cactus Club Café. It was my first time there and I was really impressed with the food and service. Everyone had a great time and I will definitely be back soon!

I wanted to post what I wore because 1. It’s why I started this blog – duh! And 2. Because I wanted to acknowledge the outpour I received on my personal Instagram this week from some very sweet people raving about my dress. Seriously, you ladies really know how to make a girl feel awesome, we need more of that positivity in this world!

My dress is from the online retailer, http://www.boohoo.com. If you’ve never heard of them, you are seriously missing out. Think Forever 21 prices but with wayyy more selection and more of a European feel – which is V appropriate since the company started out in England.

How amazing is Boo Hoo, you ask? Let’s just say I can’t be held responsible if you become addicted. They feature daily sales ranging from 30-50% off which is how I scored my dress for $35! I did get it altered as it is originally floor length – aka cathedral style on my vertically challenged self, which would look great for a formal event.

You can shop my dress here:


Happy shopping guys! I’m off to Cali next week so stay tuned for vacation posts, restaurant recommendations and more from my trip.

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