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The White Shirt Dress: A Love Story

There are certain wardrobe staples that bring joy to my life like no other. Pieces that you can wear all year round, style a hundred different ways and ultimately, get complimented on every time are always my saving grace when trying to get creative with my style.

This year, that piece has been the white shirt dress. Not only is it a perfect addition to my over-sized collection, but it is literally the most versatile item in my closet.

I purchased a white shirt dress back in June as a “go to” for the summer and our love has grown fonder for each other each day. When it comes to most pieces I own, keeping it simple is usually my motto. Although there were a ton of variations in each store I visited, the plainer the better was my ultimate goal.

The one I settled on is super short – even my mom was questioning “is that a dress for real?” when I tried it on at M for Mendocino. The first time I wore it was out to dinner with literally just nude high-waist panties underneath, and the “holy shit are you not wearing pants?!” reaction I got was enough to have me hooked.

I then rocked it a few weeks later for a club event with a friend – this time I wore light pink shorts underneath to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions while dancing. Side note – as mentioned early this one is super short, I am 5 1/2′ tall (and also specific AF, clearly) so it was long enough to cover me for the most part. Please make sure to do a little dance in the change room to test how high it rides up, I am not taking responsibility if your 4am drunk ass shots are all over Instagram on Sunday morning.


IMG_9953 (2)

Most recently, I wore it as an over-sized shirt tucked in to jean shorts when I visited the Evergreen Brickworks with a friend and her children. I love the Oak and Fort slides that I paired with this outfit, but it would have looked equally as cute with a pair of white sneakers. Pro tip: if you plan on visiting the Evergreen Brickworks, I strongly suggest wearing sneakers as opposed to slides as there is mud EVERYWHERE. There are also cute trails you can hike so my choice of footwear was not exactly the best option if you plan on exploring the full area.


I’ve been wanting to re-create this outfit for a while, especially after seeing it on Kourtney Kardashian last year. It was the perfect day for this look and the breeziness of my shirt kept me cool while chasing after a 3 1/2 and 1 year old for a few hours.


I plan on transitioning this awesome piece in to my wardrobe in the fall and can’t wait to wear it underneath a cord skirt with the bottom peeping out or with a pair of tailored trousers.

What are some of your go-to pieces that you wear all year round? I would love to hear from you in the comment section. For now, I will be dreaming about all the ways I can piss off people who still think its not okay to wear white after labour day…..



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