Elle Wore It

Bodysuits – The Soulmate to Your Jean Collection

Bodysuits and jeans – the most iconic couple of all time in my opinion (with the exception of John and Chrissy, of course!).

I quite honestly don’t know how bodysuits ever weren’t in style. I mean, I guess if you think about it, there basically was no room for them in our wardrobes in the early 2000s when our obsession with wearing jeans so low you required a bikini wax (don’t lie, you had every pair of those “thong sticking out of your ass every time you bent down” fuckers from Hollister) meant your choice of top was either a cropped or tunic. Side note – someone please push me off a cliff if early 2000s trends resurface – dresses worn over flare jeans? I can’t even.

Anyway, here are some of my favourite bodysuits, I personally own each one featured and they all fit great. And yes, they all have buttons at the crotch for all you fellow “I refuse to pee shirtless” people – you’re welcome!




t-shirt (2)Henley


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