My Everyday Makeup Routine

This post is for all my lazy girls – you know who you are! We wake up in the morning and want to put the least amount of effort in to getting ready, and wonder what time that chick in accounting has to wake up in order to do a winged liner every morning – I’ll take my extra 10 mins of sleep, thanks!

Kudos to you if you go to work with a full face of makeup everyday, but for everyone else who wants to look like they put somewhat of an effort in to their makeup in the morning, please scroll down.

Step 1: BB Cream

The key to getting ready quickly is to multi-task – which is why I love BB creams and tinted moisturizers. I just got this one from Bali Beauty and I am obsessed! It takes a while to ship from Australia (2-3 weeks – worth it though). I love how it not only gives me a tanned glow but also provides light coverage. I apply it with my fingers to my whole face after my moisturizer.


Step 2: Brows

Tame them (I use coconut oil), put a brow gel on or fill them in, but never leave your house with your brows unattended. People will notice and you will be judged. I like to use this one from Benefit as it does the job quickly and the tiny pencil fills while keeping my brows looking natural.


Step 3: Mascara

You don’t haveee to wear mascara, some days I actually just curl my lashes and apply coconut oil (why yes, I do put that shit on everything) with a clean spooly and that does the trick. My favorite mascara right now is this one from Giorgio Armani, it gives you ALLLL the length!


Andddd you’re done! Now go grab your Starbucks and seize the day – or don’t, there’s lots of sales going on right now and I won’t tell your boss that you plan on shopping online for the next 8 hours.

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