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Healthier Swaps for your Favourite Desserts

Last week, I visited my new naturopathic doctor Dr. Laura Belus because I was feeling bloated, tired and gross af to be completely honest. I know I joke around that I don’t follow a specific diet, but I was really overdoing it on things that just weren’t agreeing with me and I was messing up my digestion in the process. During my appointment, we established that too much dairy and wheat were the culprit and I was told to cut out both during my work week in order to start healing my digestive tract.

This wasn’t shocking to me, I do love my ice cream and didn’t think I was doing THAT much harm to myself by eating it daily. After agreeing that I needed to cut back, I started making switches for my favourite foods last week. Just to be clear, I didn’t cut these foods out completely. I can still have real ice cream 1-2 times weekly and real cheese pizza when I go out for dinner so please don’t send me lecturing messages when you see me eating this shit on my insta stories!

The first swap I made was of course, ice cream! I absolutely love this one from Luna & Larry’s – it’s made from coconut milk and you cannot tell the difference. My favourite is the chocolate peanut butter flavour, but the cappuccino flavour is amazing as well.


I also starting buying the best gluten free donuts ever from Kinnikinnick Foods. I discovered this adorable, Alberta-based company when I went gluten free for a bit a few years ago and ordered a bunch of delicious baked goods from their website (they are also sold at Whole Foods and Loblaws). Everyone, even picky Marc LOVES their donuts! They come frozen and I will usually take one to work and eat it after lunch after thawing, but they also taste so good straight from the freezer. I can’t even tell you my favourite flavour because I love them all.


I used to eat yogurt daily, and the dairy was KILLING my digestive tract. I would always feel bloated after eating it, but I honestly just thought it was the probiotics working their magic. I was sooo wrong and I knew I had to find an alternative, so I started eating this delicious coconut-based one from Daiya Foods. Its done Greek-style so its super thick, and I don’t even miss the real stuff! Try the cherry flavour with some wheat-free granola.


I buy most of my gluten and dairy free foods from Whole Foods, but check your local grocery store as a lot of them carry them as well. I would also encourage you to go see your naturopathic doctor if you feel that you need a second opinion on your eating habits. After cutting back on both dairy and wheat, I have already noticed that my skin is clearer, I am wayyy less bloated, I have a ton more energy, and I’ve even lost some weight in a week’s time!

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