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How to Plan Your Christmas Shoot

The holiday season is among us and nothing says “I’m a successful adult who has my shit together” like sending out Christmas cards. Its the one time of year that your family and friends actually like receiving pictures of you and your SO/family, so getting it right is crucial for maximum “look how cute my daughter and her bf are” impact.

There are a few things you need to consider before shooting your Christmas pictures which I have outlined below for your convenience since you’re already going to be doing sooo much work posing perfectly and supervising the mail people to ensure that they hand refuse all your envelopes – stamp smudges are not very festive!

Step 1: Pick a Theme/Location

Since this is the first year in our new home, I wanted our pictures to be taken there. Make sure that your house is all ready with your Christmas decor up, stuff moved aside or put away and nothing out that you don’t want shown in the pictures. If you are shooting on location, scope out the area in advance, get a permit if needed and check the weather a couple of days beforehand.


Step 2: Choose a Photographer

If you can afford it/have the time to coordinate this, go pro. I am fortunate enough to have a very artsy cousin with a professional camera so I knew that I was going ask her to do our photos this year. Make sure your photographer knows exactly what you want, ie. Pinterest photos, magazine, insta photos etc.

Step 3: Coordinate Your Outfits

Try to stay true to yourself and your family’s personalities when it comes to this part. Trust me, I wanted to rock matching flannel PJs as much as the next blogger, but I know that just isn’t what Marc and I  normally ever wear and it would look way too played up for our style. I wanted colours that stood out from our white decor so I wore a grey sweater dress and put Marc in a black and white sweater – easy and they went well together.


Step 4: Chill Out and Smile!

It’s your photographer’s job for the most part to tell you how to pose, so this isn’t the time to spazz out. I’m very type A and need things to be perfect all the time, but just remember that stress will show in your face and that’s not what you want to portray in your photos. Keep it chill, put on some music if you can, and try not to threaten to give your dog up for adoption if he won’t pose for that must have shot you planned.

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