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Our 2020 Christmas Shoot

For this year's family shoot we did things a little differently. Its our first Christmas as a family and we had no professional photos of Emma due to her being born in the thick of the pandemic shut downs back in May, so we decided to splurge on a photographer and booked a studio to… Continue reading Our 2020 Christmas Shoot


Sunkissed Vampire

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WuugYgp6q7w I had so much creating this look, just in time for Halloween this weekend! You can shop most of the products at Sephora during their sale, use code HOLIDAYFUN. 20% for Rouge started October 30th, 15% off for VIB starting November 3rd, and 10% off starting on November 5th. On My Eyes: Too Faced… Continue reading Sunkissed Vampire


Emma’s Fall Wardrobe

Sherpa Coat (Similar) https://bit.ly/3dj2R2o Denim Shirt https://bit.ly/3101zUR Bow Sweater https://go.zara/3lII2k3 Halloween Set https://bit.ly/3nCUgfN Leopard Leggings https://bit.ly/34PXzrf Moto Leggings https://bit.ly/34FRI7T Tutu Set https://bit.ly/2Iqa0CD Corduroy Set https://bit.ly/3nMxG4r Bodysuits https://bit.ly/3lCchsL


How to Talk to Your Vendors

I am going to assume that you are recently engaged if you are reading this, so I want to start off by saying congrats! I know that this is probably not the most ideal time to be engaged/getting married (Trust me I never thought in a million years that I would be postponing my wedding… Continue reading How to Talk to Your Vendors


My Birth Story

If you've been following my IG stories, you know that it has taken me almost 4 months to finally sit down and write this. I was fortunate to have an easy pregnancy, so when my birth didn't go as planned I had a very hard time coping with everything that went down. I find it… Continue reading My Birth Story


Baby G’s Nursery

I can't believe our little girl will be here in almost a month! My inspiration started with a flamingo rocker, which sparked a tropical vibe with lots of neutrals and white. I wanted her nursery to feel like a chic beach resort, with natural elements that complimented the coral paint colour. I still have a… Continue reading Baby G’s Nursery

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How to Create a Cozy Bedroom

As you probably are already aware, we recently moved to a house from our beloved condo. It was a tough decision, but we knew we needed the space for our little girl on the way. Because we are only living here temporarily until we start house hunting after our wedding in October, I decided not… Continue reading How to Create a Cozy Bedroom