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Our 2020 Christmas Shoot

For this year’s family shoot we did things a little differently. Its our first Christmas as a family and we had no professional photos of Emma due to her being born in the thick of the pandemic shut downs back in May, so we decided to splurge on a photographer and booked a studio to get some nice photos together.

I’ve haven’t broken the news to Marc yet, but I’m pretty set on making this an annual tradition – LOL. Although I may have bitched a little about how stressful it was putting everything together, we had so much fun shooting that it was all worth it in the end.

We picked Mint Room Studios because we absolutely loved their Alpine Chalet set up in the East side room at their newest studio, Preto Loft. It was totally our vibe, and perfect for our vision. You can book this room here.

For our outfits, I wanted to go super casual as a nod to basically staying home this entire year. I wasn’t loving the matching family pyjamas that I found while searching online, as I wanted something more luxurious looking. I decided satin was the way to go for us and convinced Marc to get a satin robe, which he was totally on board with because he had his own look he was going for.

Shop our looks here:


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