Creating a Wedding Backup Plan

As I mentioned on Instastories yesterday, Marc and I had a chance to speak with our vendor and ask the tough questions regarding our wedding in December. I know that it seems as though it’s pretty far away, but 7 months in terms of wedding planning is really soon.

If you live in Ontario, Canada like we do, I’m sure you are also in quite the state of shock at how much worse things are this year compared to last year. Marc and I were truly over the constant disappointment we have been facing, so instead of waiting things out we came up with an action plan in case things are still bad when its wedding time.

As of right now, we are 100% absolutely getting married on December 31st this year. We are currently taking our marriage classes, and even if we cannot have a party we will be having our ceremony on this day. We have decided that if this is the case, we are going to get back as much money in deposits that we can and *hopefully* next year we can travel and do some sort of vow renewal in a tropical setting with our friends and family that could not be there on our special day.

This is obviously the worst case scenario, and I am hopeful we can have at least 150 people attend our wedding by the time the end of the year hits. Its an unfortunate reality that preparing for the worst is still a very real part of wedding planning but for us it will really help ease the blow should we be stuck in these same circumstances 7 months from now.

We hope this list of questions that we asked our venue can help other couples who are also sitting ducks when it comes to planning their wedding this year. As always, I’m just a quick DM on Insta or an email away if you have any further questions.

Question #1: Can we change our minimum guest count?

Our venue basically said they are playing it by ear on this one for now. Two months before our wedding they will evaluate how many people the government allows and if we can’t get enough guests who are comfortable to come then they will set a minimum spend (which shouldn’t be hard to meet on NYE the way our friends drink LOL).

Question #2: How much do we get back if we cannot have our reception and don’t want to postpone?

We received confirmation that our initial deposit will not be refunded but any additional payments we’ve given will be. Also, if we did want to postpone we would be subject to 2022 pricing.

Question #3: Can we use our initial deposit towards food/a future event if we can’t have a party?

My venue is also a catering business so they had no issue with this, thankfully. I also liked that we can use this deposit towards a future event like a baptism for our next kid, etc.

Question #4: Is our payment structure still staying the same?

Our venue requires full remaining payment 2 weeks before the event, which we didn’t have an issue with since we will be receiving it back if we cannot go through with the reception.

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