Our Engagement Story

“September 8th we are going for brunch to celebrate our one-year living together anniversary” Marc texted. Odd, we moved in September 1st, why weren’t we doing it then?

It took me a couple of minutes for it to sink in until I realized, OMG maybe he’s going to propose?! Now before you start assuming that I’m a psycho, let me tell you that for the past two years of our relationship, Marc and I have always planned things together. Surprising me just really isn’t in Marc’s nature (which I am totally good with) so when he went and made plans it threw me right off LOL.

I’m also a very intuitive person, very CSI and I am generally right when I have a suspicion that something is going to happen. Does it suck that it’s really hard to surprise me, of course. But if you want an opinion if your relationship is going to work out, I’m the person to ask.

So anyway, for almost a month I had to basically keep it to myself that I “knew” Marc was going to propose. The only person I told was my cousin Brianna (also CSI) and my Nonna because I tell her everything.

As the days went on my suspicion grew, and at one point a couple of weeks before the date Marc changed our brunch plans to dinner. Then my sister called me a few hours later and asked if I wanted to take my mom for brunch that same day, which made sense since her birthday was that week but still, WEIRD.

By the end of August, we decided to book our wedding date because we knew that venues in Toronto fill up fast and we both wanted an October wedding the following year. At this point I told Marc “you can propose whenever you want babe” since our date was already set knowing full well it was most definitely going to happen in a few weeks. So October 3, 2020 was going to be our date, and within 2 days we had our venue and photographer booked!

Finally, the day had come. My nails were done as my mom and I went that week for her “birthday” even though she insisted that my dad had to pay for both of us, and I bought a new dress for this day because I knew there would be pictures happening at some point.

I got ready to go to brunch, went to Yorkdale with my mom and sister, and then we did a little shopping for my upcoming birthday after. The whole time we were at brunch I was playing out in my head how the rest of the day was going to look. I knew Marc was taking me for dinner at our favourite restaurant Oretta, maybe he was going to propose there before or somewhere cute downtown?

As we drove back to our condo, a sense of anxiety came over me. “There’s something going on in my house right now” was all I could think about. As I stood in the elevator and waited for it to hit our floor, all I wanted was to open the door of our home.

“Why is it so clean in here?” Were my first words after opening the door, even though I knew this was IT. There were heart balloons set up, Marc was nowhere to be seen, my coffee table was moved, and Bentley came running to the door with a scarf around his neck. Marc appeared from the bedroom area and said “Look at Bentley’s scarf”. I bent down and it said “Will you be my dog mom?” with a ring decal on it. “Of course I will be!” I said and then proceed to ask several times “Marc, what is happening?!”

None of my suspicion, playing out scenarios over and over, or getting ready for this day could have prepared me for what I felt in that moment. Our proposal was absolutely perfect and I never imagined that I would be standing in our beloved condo, with the love of my life and our sweet dog experiencing this moment. As Marc got down on one knee he asked “Are we going to do this forever?” and as I replied “YES!!” all I wanted to do was kiss him and paid no attention to my gorgeous dream ring in his hand. “Elle, I have to put the ring on you first” Marc said, “Oh, right” I responded while we both tearfully laughed.


That evening we did end up going to Oretta, and I was surprised by my family and his when we got there! It was a day full of love and happiness, and looking back on it now I wouldn’t a thing.

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